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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


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Kentucky Girl

Good lord, I read about that in a magazine I got the other day. I was all, THE HELL? MY ASS WILL LEAK PIZZA OIL? Freakin' disturbing but you're right...not nearly as disturbing as those who are buying pizza-ass-oil pills. I mean, really, truly...which would you rather have? A few extra pounds and to work a little harder or to have to change your panties at work because you sharted in them?


I've decided to be proud of my grandpa-belly. Besides, it's amazing how much better I look in the mirror after six or eight vodka lemonades.


Yeah, that warning has made the rounds of the late night talk show circuit as well. They're having all kinds of fun with it. Of course, according to my wife, PharmaKate, you have to have eaten a high-protein, high-fat diet for that diarrhea to happen. So, basically, you have to be on an anti-diet for this diet pill to work. We shall see.

Oh, and I may have given you Sanford & Son as an earworm, but now I'm stuck with J-j-j-j-j-juicy! Thanks a pantload (pun totally intended).


so it sounds like these pills are made from the same thing as those WOW! potato chips. i'm pretty sure anal leakage was a warning with them as well. what would happen if you ate those chips *and* took the pills? all the dark pants in the world couldn't save you...



there's no limit to self-degregation in the name of weightloss.


People don't want healthy, they want easy. It's that simple. And they're willing to do anything for it. It's just another "magic pill" which will take people's money and disappoint because it didn't resolve personal responsibility.


I heard about this the other day, too, and can't freaking understand why it's still so popular. Come on, women!! Do a jumping jack or something!

Is it wrong that my main issue with this is that I can't figure out how it effects women who wear thongs?

At least with regular panties, you can put in an adult diaper or something. Yipes.


I was thinking the same thing as Jenny--this sounds like the same effects Olean had.
I don't know where to even begin with what is wrong in all of this. Why can't we just accept ourselves, cellulite and chubby bellies and all? And/or realize that losing weight in an UNhealthy way is a short term fix that can never be good?


Anal leakage is never a good thing, but I know I'll look into it. That's what I do. :)

I'm not saying I'll buy into it, but my weight is on my mind way too much.


It really is sad that we have to resort to such things. Why can't we love ourselves as we are? Oh, yeah... I remember...


LOL. Looks like a number of us were thinking of Olean. And just like that stuff, this stuff is just wrong. Carry a change of clothes, my butt.


Great, you go from being the fat kid to the stinky kid, or poopy pants kid!! Not a great choice! All those weird Goth kids are skinny and wear alot of black....Could there be a connection? hmm...


I have been reading about this a lot. On e place I read said that you should keep stuff by the toilet so that as soon as you go, you can scrub the toilet so the oily residue is easier to clean out of the toilet and doesn't stain. Seriously? If it is going to stain your toilet, why in the world would someone want it in their body?!? How long before we start hearing the horror stories of what it actually does to people?


It reminds me of when fen/phen was really big, and EVERYONE was buying it and it was flying off the shelves and EVERYONE was losing weight, then they found out that women were having heart problems and dying, and they pulled it. Ridiculous stuff. As you said, better to just do 30 more minutes of exercise than have to worry about oils leaking out of your ass.


Freaking hilarious!! And yet at the same time, SAD. I haven't turned my TV on in like 2 weeks so my first exposure to this mysterious "Alli" was seeing it mentioned in a couple of blogs. Last night I went to the site for the first time to see WTF it was, and I was horrified! And I didn't even stay on the site long enough to see the part about dark pants and a change of clothes! The pizza oil floating in the toilet example was enough to send me running for the hills.

I'm with you. Spending 30 extra minutes working out is MUCH more appealing than the alternative Alli is offering. Ew.


Now THAT'S the juicy we were looking for! :-D


I love how they make the side effects seem like a good thing - "While no one likes experiencing treatment effects, they might help you think twice about eating questionable fat content. If you think of it like that, alli can act like a security guard for your late-night cravings."

Their website seems more like a parody of itself than the real thing. Of course they need to list side effects, but I can't believe an actual company would suggest that you bring an extra pair of clothes.


Oh, don't even get me STARTED ("Don't even getm e started!") on this product. It is horrifying. I think it says something really sad and pathetic about the American public that "we" are more willing to risk sharting in our pants at work than putting in the time and effort to be healthy.

Make sure you read this entry on Big Fat Deal:

And check this out on YouTube.

Reminds me of the SNL "Oops, I Crapped My Pants!" fake ads. I still nearly, um, crap my pants laughing every time I see that.


The winter before last, I was at my all time high of 272. I went to my doctor. I was given three choices:

Diet alone

I chose zenical because it sounded like it would reinforce eating foods low in fat. Here was what I didn't know. Even if you eat celery you will have a squirty bowel movement. And you can only go potty so many times a day before you are seeing blood on the tissue unless you have real buns of steel.

It was horrible.

Fortunately, I found a different way to lose the weight and it seems to be working for me. Lord willing it will keep on, I have about 65 more pounds to go.

Carla Ecland

Upon reading the facts about this little pill I decided that without the aid of this pill, a lowfat diet and some exercise I could get the weight loss results without the anal leakage. YUK, that is so gross!


i think i'll stick with weight watchers and running, thank you very much... and who needs a leaky-ass anyway? :-o


OK, that's it! You are writing 1000 times:

I am NOT crazy for wanting people to like me the way I am!

Do it! NOW! Pfffttt!


how much do i love that you said "anal leakage" on your blog. imagine the hits that will bring.

but seriously, you are SO right. wtf with people doing this to themselves? it's a sad state of affairs, i tell ya.


I'm so with you here. And aside from the nasty ass effects, the enhanced weight loss is minimal when compared with the old-fashioned, no leakage way. Koo-koo-roo!


You had me at anal.


Pass on the bootay splooge...I would rather be chunky foo than leaky foo.


I've been hearing this talk of this pill. No way would I want a leaky bum, gross. Just gross and NO WAY people, it's just stupid.


Stephen Colbert read the funniest quotes from the Alli website on his show tonight (the suggestion that when using the drug, you shold wear dark pants). Too funny that even the media is realizing what a crock this is. He read the quote and then said, "I shit you not." Too funny!


OMFG. What is wrong with women????? How can anyone think it's acceptable to have grease leaking out of their ass?????????

It's so appalling to see yet another company preying on the fat women of society. If drug companies want to make me feel like shit (pun intended), there are a lot better ways to do it than this.

Sarah LivingtoFeelGood

You know..when you see they may cause diarrhea you think..ya but that wont happen to me. The fact that they recommend to bring a change of pants is crazy. I'd say no thanks if I were into diet pills. I'm one of those people who are very anti all of them. But wow..that is amazing.


Ugh, thank God I've already eaten breakfast. Now I have to read a post (and a billion comments) about anal discharges?



Heh--this reminds me of the old saw:
A woman goes into a store and sees a man selling diet pills,"GUARANTEED to lose weight! But there *are* a few side affects..."

The woman rushes over and grabs a bottle, saying absently,"Oh yeah? How bad are the side affects?" ;-)


I think Ben Franklin said it best, "That shit is nasty."


OMG, that shit is NASTY! Thank god I live in Canada and that's not approved here..at least I don't think it is, I have only seen the adds on US stations.


Posts like this are why I love you. Who else writes this stuff?! :) I was actually reading the pamphlet just last night and didn't make it too far past the discharge resembling pizza grease. Um, ew. But that comment on bringing a change of clothes?!! They actually say that?!? Yeah, that would've been a no-brainer. ;) I'm with you on working harder, eating less, and keeping my poop looking like poop. Jeez.


I love you just the way you are, you sick chick! :)

It is funny as I was reading this some of the fellas in the office bought a pizza. By all accounts it is generally agreed upon that it is just best to eat it while sitting on the pooper. The pepperoni grease (or maybe the olive oil used in the sauce) is so, greasy, for lack of a better word, that it lubes up your whole digestive tract almost instantly. If one is not careful having the change of clothes would come in handy.


You know it's not just overweight women that will buy it. Twig thin girls will end up on it too, concerned about the raisin they ate for breakfast and how they'll be too bloated to squeeze into their size 0 prom dresses.

I admit sometimes I start to fret over my body and start worrying about calories. I know I carry maybe all of ten extra pounds on me and I look fine, but it seems like there's so much pressure on women to be super-model skinny.

I'd go for jogging over anal leakage, though.


First off, everyone should do their research. This is a a diet AIDE and IF you go over 15 grams of fat per meal will you MAYBE and only then MAYBE have treatment affects. I've taken alli for a week. I already DO eat a low fat healthy diet. I have had NO treatment affects at all because I keep my fat intake to about 8 or 9 grams of fat per meal as it is. Will it work? I don't know. Have I HAD any pizza oil come out of my ass? No I have not. Will this pill MAKE me healthy? no. But. I already do ALL that I can to lose weight - I don't drink soda - I only drink water - I exercise 3 to 4 times a week - I walk a mile during my lunch hour every day - I eat low fat healthy meals and I don't eat junk...YET I can NOT lose weight. I know this pill isn't going to be some "super skinny miracle pill" but if it helps. Then great! If not - then I wasted some money one month and life will go on.

DO YOUR REASEARCH PEOPLE!!!!! and DON'T be so damn quick to judge every other "poor desperate woman" out there.


Annie - You are certainly entitled to your opinion and entitled to take risks with your own health. I hope it does help you, quite honestly but at the same time I reserve the right to maintain my opinion.

And I HAVE researched it fully now. And I KNOW someone on it that emailed me after seeing this to tell me about her BAD experience with it. And I am not judging you for being a desperate woman because I've been there....it's just not worth the risk to be skinny.

Good luck.


I agree with Annie above. I know, hilly, that you are entitled to your opinion. I do not appreciate how people leave comments, assuming that the alli will make you poop and making fun of Alli. That will happen ONLY if you eat a lot of FAT! At least alli is honest with side effects.

Just cuz one person has had bad experience does not necessarily mean it will happen to you! Not everybody is created equal. Some people will have some consquences, some people won't.

It seems that people only listen to "poop" side effect and not how it can cause you to poop only if you eat too much fat.


Are you taking it? If so, have you had any side effects?

I'm not asking to be snippy, LOL! I really want to know because after posting this, I have had emails from both sides and may do a follow-up post about it. Thanks for leaving your real email address by the way, so I could defend myself or whatever.

I really am making fun of Alli more than the people who take it. I also do not think anyones intention here was to make fun of people as much as the company itself, for which I cannot apologize.

What kind of company advertises the possible need to change your pants as if it is just nothing? To me, that is funny and I am sorry if it offended you. I feel completely differently about the women who take it....which basically is that everyone has a right to do what they see fit but I just worry about people getting hurt looking for a quick fix as I have been that woman before plenty of times :)

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