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Sunday, June 17, 2007


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I like to pour chocolate pudding on top of ice cream, cake, and shortbread cookies. The only thing that keeps me from pouring it on everything else I eat is that I worry what others might think. There's no subtle way of pouring chocolate pudding on a cheese sandwich. Or a burrito, for that matter.


I love weird sandwiches:

Peanut butter and ketchup
Tuna salad and grape jelly
Peanut butter, Cheez Wiz and Miracle Whip

And when I eat sweet stuff like cake or cookies, I like to dip it in something like soup or vegetable broth. A brownie and tomato soup, mmmmm!


I like the weird sandwiches too:
the peanut butter and dill pickle
the peanut butter and banana

I like to eat out of the fridge but have stopped that! I will eat a piece of cheese, of lunchmeat, something.

I will never order the fries on the side! I will get a side salad or fruit but then if my son has fries, I will sneak a few. Due to dieting but hey...


Sorry, but I will write in French... For food, it is necessary ! :-p

Des profiterolles avec du chocolat chaud (petits choux remplis de glace à la vanille avec le chocolat chaud en nappage)

And chocolate every where ! (but "chocolat noir"... The best) :-)


I don't like cold and hot/room temp foods together, for example, cake and ice cream.

I love melted cheese in my chicken noodle soup.

Hilly, what do you have with your pancakes if not syrup?


Ketchup on my fries but NEVER EVER NEVER on my hot dog!


Spouse has a funny thing about "textures" and so he will NOT eat peas or small beans. (He won't eat lots of things, so making dietary changes is always impossible.)

Myself, I grew up eating whatever was before me, but I did develop an affliction about canned Plums. I decided one day as a child that they looked like animal hearts or guts of some kind...veins and all...and ever since then? Can't hardly look at them. Haven't seen one in YEEEeeeears.

I don't like raw onion, but I do like them sauteed. I also don't like olives of any kind. Spouse? Loves them all. wierd.


Dave: Mmmmm, pudding. There's an innuendo to be made here, but I am too innocent to make it ;).

SJ: OMFG you are killing me! I like a peanut butter and cheddar sammich but that is about as odd as I get on that front!

Patty: Yeah, I love the peanut butter and banana.

Laurence: C'est vraiment beaucoup de chocolat! Tasty :).

Anne: I love tabasco sauce in my chicken noodle soup! And on pancakes I sometimes use boysenberry syrup but mostly apricot jam.

RW: Yes, yes yes!!! I think that ketchup on hot dogs is the grossest thing ever!

Bully: I can hardly eat any canned fruit or veggie...maybe only corn!


i don't like when meat like bacon or sausage touches the syrup. i don't like my eggs to be near the syrup either. i will eat around the part that touched the syrup.

i don't like soda but i will drink root beer or ginger ale.

i do not eat jelly. EVER. it grosses me out.

i have never eaten a tv dinner. once i had boxed mashed potatoes but i didn't like them, i am kind of a food snob i think. acck!


Sizz: *note to self*...never offer Sizz one of my famous waffle breakfast sandwiches, complete with an egg nestled between to waffles, lightly syruped.


Hate olives. Eww.

Can't take a bite of cereal until every single piece has been dampened by the milk.

I never drink out of someone else's cup, not sure if that counts as a weird food thing, but there it is.

SJ's sandwich choices? Yuck!


I don't think I've ever seen anyone freak out about their potatos. OH YEA! My son... LOL I don't get it either. I always mix mine into my potatos. That way it's less food I have to eat and the faster I can leave the table and go back to the TV. xD


I'm the opposite on the veggies and mashed. I always mix them together.


I like to eat just raisins & will eat raisin bran, but won't eat raisin breador any kind of dessert with raisins in it--despite the fact that I love bread and desserts.

I won't eat anything that is cinnamon-flavored. . . but I will chew Big Red gum.

I believe chocolate and fruit should not be paired together. . . unless it's a chocolate covered strawberry. No chocolate/orange, chocolate/banana, or chocolate/raspberry desserts for me!

I don't like dressing ON salads. . . I only eat dressing by dipping my fork in it before spearing a bite of salad.

I don't like mayonaisse on anything and only eat ketchup once or twice a year. . . and then only a little bit on French fries.


I like some foods burned. Not just a little crisp, but really like char-broiled. For example, English muffins. Everyone thinks I'm nuts (and they may have a point), but I just think bland food needs some flavor. So if there's nothing to top it with, I burn it. Either that or I just got used to the taste of burned food because I'm such a lousy cook.


I have a lot less strange food habits than I used to, but here are a few:

1) I also am a big lover of pb & j and dill pickle sandwiches. Glad i'm not the only one
2) I love to have a pickle and then wash it down with a VERY old diet coke. Totally bizarre
3) I put pretzels on my ice cream
4) I won't eat anything orange flavored (yes, this includes oranges. Yes, this includes OJ. No, i haven't had either since I was, like, 5)
5) Despite downing steamer clams by the plateful when I was a tyke living in Boston, I will not touch mussels, clams, oysters, etc. with a ten foot pole. The mere thought makes me nauseated.
6) I don't like ground beef in my marinara sauce (ie, in my spaghetti), cannot stomach it atall
7) I love hummus, but the texture of an actual garbanzo bean horrifies me. I get the shivers. I think it's because once I bit into one thinking it was a peanut. Trust me, it's not a pleasant mistake.

That said, I'm actually a fairly adventurous eater and will try most things. I used to not eat fish or seafood AT ALL, but now I'll eat most any kind of fish, sushi, crab, lobster, shrimp, scallops... just not the oyster. SHUDDER.


COLD diet coke! COLD! Not OLD! I'm not THAT strange.

Iron Fist

I eat my food in a systematic manner, consuming a complete portion of one thing on my plate before moving on to the next. I could probably eat refried beans every day of the week. I don't think that's cultural so much as I really like beans. I will put ketchup and/or hot sauce on just about everything I can possibly put it on.


Karl: I don't care if I am sucking, fucking or swapping saliva with a man....I will not share a cup! Just ew ;).

Jenny: Ahhh, a fellow TV lover! You should come on over to Snackie TeeVee yanno, when you aren't busy WATCHING tv!

Whit: I do that too. And I will mix my corn in with rice if I have it!

Sharon: LMAO, everything you said I am totally the opposite on! How funny :).

Debbie: The only way I will eat hot dogs (if at all) is if they are burned to hell on a BBQ so I totally get it :). I like it when cheese gets crispy after dripping down the side of a grilled cheese onto the pan.

Jess: Oh yes, you and your "orange thing". I totally forgot for a moment. I am with you on the ground beef in marinara...of course, I rarely can stand marinara anyway.

Iron Fist: LMAO, I do the same thing with a "meal". I eat the veggies first, then the starch and then the meat. So uh, have you built up a tolerance to the beans?


Hmmm I don't have too many of these. I will say that when it involves mashed potatoes I mix things. As in Thanksgiving dinner with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy? I like to mix everything but the gravy together and then put the gravy on top. Happens with meatloaf, etc. But I don't like casseroles of any type (which is the whole point of food mixed together, isn't it?)

That's all I've got, besides liking my meat well done - no pink - cause that creeps me out.


Here's a pretty standard conversation between my boyfriend and me:
BF: You like bacon but you don't like ham?
Me: Right.
BF: And you don't like sausage at all.
Me: Correct.
BF: And you like sushi and calamari and weird shit like that but you don't like steak?
Me: That is true.
BF: But you like eggs?
Me: Nope, I don't like eggs. Well, I like eggs in an omelet but not otherwise.
BF: So you like omelets but not eggs.
Me: Correct.
BF: And you are the only person I've ever met that doesn't like hamburgers.
Me: Well, I crave a cheeseburger now and the, but usually end up regretting it 2 hours later.
BF: But you love ribs.
Me: That is correct.

And so on. :)


Won't eat the heels on a loaf of bread. But give me the end off a loaf of sourdough anytime!

Must mix my peas into my mashed potatoes if both are being served at the same time.

Don't generally cook with salt, but MUST have salt on steak, corn on the cob and eggs.

That's about it I think.


I don't mind sharing any drink with my son, husband, etc, but if it's milk, I can't share. It totally grosses me out. You want a bite of my cereal? Uh, ok, but now, it's yours...I'm done with it.

I will not eat anything that comes out of the water, lake, sea, ocean... YUCK.

I hate raw tomatoes. I will only eat them raw straight out of the garden and with sugar on them. Not salt, sugar.

That's all for now.


Kyra: How funny....I am not a huge fan of the casserole either but I will mix up my enchiladas with sour cream, cheese, veggies and whatever and eat it all in one mush...after the fact, of course ;).

Diane: I have to laugh at your whole pork thing because I am the same way! I like bacon IF it is the good thick kind but no no no no no on ham and definitely pukey no on sausage. I will however eat the "white meat" center cut pork chops but put pork near my pizza and watch me kick ass!

Lisa: Yeah, I never eat the ends of the bread unless it is sourdough!

Les: LOL, totally sistah! I mean, on the first one. I love the food de la mer!


I have to have lots of milk on my cereal, and like Karl, all the cereal has to be dampened by the milk.
I love salads, any types, but won't eat them if I make them for myself.
The smell of syrup makes me ill, morning flights are hell.
I love my veggies in my mashed potatoes.
I won't eat the heels of bread either, but also love the ends of sourdough or french bread.
I like mayo and catsup on my french fries. I like steak fries, not thin McD's type fries.


Ketchup on fried eggs.
Watermelon eaten with a sharp knife only.
Cookies and water.
Chocolate chip cookies, flipped over and spread with peanut butter.
I won't eat any cooked or dried fruit.


I don't like peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. School lunches were always a challenge for my mother.

I have to eat my cereal dry. I can't stand soggy, milk-soaked Cheerios. I hate most cereals anyway because they're too sugary.

I mix dinner foods a lot. I never noticed until my boyfriend asked why I had a forkful of steak, mashed potatoes, and vegetables. I guess I like the full effect of the combined flavors.

As a rule I refuse to eat seafood. Can't stand the smell of tuna fish. Won't even TOUCH shrimp. Yet I'll eat breaded fish sticks. With ketchup.

I HATE plain marshmallows but love marshmallows in my hot chocolate, s'mores, Phish Food ice cream, Rice Krispie Treats, etc.


I hate bacon and sausage and ham...but I loooove pork (Pork tenderloin, pork chops, bbq pork, etc). WTF is that about??

I'm the opposite of your old friend. I always mix all my food together. My favorite threesome (besides me, you and Dave2) is mashed potatoes, corn, and mac&cheese!! YUMMMM!

I can't STAND hot tomatoes (like on a hamburger).

I hate hate hate pickles on hamburgers. Except for Sonic's! YUM!

HATE fish. LOVE sushi! :)


I think small veggies(corn, peas, cubed carrots) mixed into your potatoes is the natural way to eat those food items together.

If you offered me a steak or something made with ground beef, I'd choose the latter almost every time.

Now here is the apparent stomach churner for everyone but me.

When I get KFC, I like to pour gravy into my macaroni salad... I love it that way... my heart doesn't, but what my tongue wants, it gets.


Anything that has been touched by, cooked in the same pan as, or hovered over anything shellfish or fishlike... Na-Ah! Blegh!


I eat meat but I can't eat meat that still has the bones in it because it reminds me that it was once an animal. Somehow, I'm able to overlook it if it's boneless.

Also, I won't let my kids eat candy for breakfast but I will make them chocolate chip pancakes.

My hubby hates to have his food touching. He doesn't even want his ketchup to touch his fries.


Heh, I just posted an entry wanting to know about people's weird binging habits and then I stumble over here to read this entry. Great minds think alike!

Off-topic: Hey, I tried typing in snackiepoo.com into my browser (Windows XP, Firefox 1.5) and got sent to a GoDaddy temp page. But when I typed in www.snackiepoo.com I got sent to your blog. I think something weird is going on with your DNS or something.


A long, long time ago (like 35 years) Skippy made a peanut butter with bacon bits in it, but it only stayed on the market a short while (it's true, I actually wrote them about it to make sure I wasn't imagining it). I liked it so much that recently I started making my own.

I hate bologna alone but LOVE it on a sandwich with pickles and Miracle Whip. Same thing for liverwurst, although I have to remember to not overanalyze it because it looks and smells like cat food to me.


I very rarely eat all of the items on my dish at once. I'm a serial eater. I generally save my favorite dish for last.


I dip pretzels and chips and veggies in cottage cheese, but will only eat 1 serving out of a big container...can't stand the runny little containers and don't care that I'm wasting a ton by throwing it out.

Cottage Cheese and any type of fruit or jelly is evil.

I have to eat regular and frozen yogurt with a small, plastic spoon.

I rinse and drain my albacore tuna from the can...can't stand any tuna schmeg.

I only enjoy thin crust, cheese pizza, no other toppings to mess it up.

Can't eat thick salami, turkey, roast beef or ham...only paper thin (shaved) on all deli meats.

I have to put gobs of pepper on my mac and cheese.

My cereal can't be floating in milk...I just use a minimal amount to make my cereal pieces shiny :o)

I hate anything with nuts in it...chunky peanut butter, brownies, cookies, banana bread, but will eat plain nuts by the handful.

I rarely eat meat and when I do...I just like it with salt and pepper, no saucy bullshit.

I'm sure there is more...LOL.


Hmm, let me see...

I will only eat grapes once they're frozen.
I put ranch dressing on absolutely everything to the point where it's almost disgusting.
I hate all green vegetables.
My favorite dessert is two chocolate chip cookies with cool-whip and peanut butter in between.
I can't stand the thought of olives, literally the thought makes me nauseous.

I guess I'm not all that weird of an eater!


I'll have to think about this. There are foods I just don't LIKE but I won't freak out and empty my plate if other food touches it LOL

I hate brocolli. That's because my mother fried it in egg and fed it to me. Which was a weird "food" in and of itself I think. It never stayed in my stomach and I get queasy at the smell of cooked broccoli.

I love spinach but I can't eat quiche - it also makes me sick. So any sort of quiche, is out.

I USED to put ketchup on my steak. I don't do that any longer.

I will put hot sauce on (almost) anything!

I love PB and Banana sandwiches - I never thought they were that odd lol But I'll only eat PB [creamy JIF] on WHITE bread and IF I use jelly it has to be Strawberry (Smuckers) I have consumed other jellies before, but hey we're talkin about being picky and strange when possible, right?

Mustard is fine in small quantities. I don't put mustard on my hotdogs though. What I DO put on my hot dogs are as follows; Homemade onions in sauce, ranch dressing (maybe), a slice of cheese (maybe)but typically just plain, or onions in sauce.

I refuse to eat Walnuts. They're the "booger" of the nut family. Total food "turn off" for me there (sorry for the juvenile reference,) but damnit it's what they look like for me!

I like dunking chocolate chip cookies in orange juice (milk too I'm not a total spazz lol). But yes I like dunking them in OJ because it reminds me of those orange flavored chocolate "slices"

Oh I'm also with you about the lettuce on the sandwiches. The only time I will eat lettuce on a sandwich, is a BLT. That's it. I ESPECIALLY hate shredded lettuce.

If I think of more I'll come back to it :) My MOTHER would be an excellent person to comment on this. She eats very, very BIZARRE food combinations!


I ALSO hate the heels of the bread and the slice right after the end. I have to throw both of them out LOL

I don't mind eating pickles, but if a burger is overWHELMED with sliced pickles? I'll have to take some of them off.

I don't eat cole slaw or potato salad
but homemade pasta salad? Oh yeah I'm all over that Gimme! LOL

I'll eat some black olives, but GREEN olives I won't eat ack

Portabello mushrooms are the only fungus I will willingly consume in moderation

I will only eat omletts, frittatas and scrambled eggs. If an egg is hard boiled, the only way I'll eat it, is if it's mashed IN something else.

I love seafood, I don't care for large scallops though.

I don't mind celery if it's IN something (like soup) but just straight celery? No!


um that should read the slice right before the end of the bread LMAO oy god I need to proofread more often :P


Kim: I'll *eat* salads (and sandwiches too) that I make but I prefer the ones other people make. The same thing with baked potatoes...why do they always taste better in a restaurant?

Ajooja: I like tobasco on fried eggs and drink fizzy water with my cookies because I detest milk!

Stacey: I am 100% with you on the marshmallows. Man oh man, my fave pop-tart is s'more flavored!

Chase: LMAO about the threesome.....poor Dave can't get a break when we want our threesomes ;). I don't like hot tomatoes either and that is the reason I don't like lettuce on my burgers...hot lettuce? Blech!

MC: I have to admit, your foodisms made me raise an eyebrow but I am not one to judge!

Dutchy: I'm discovering that a lot of you do not like seafood!

August: I won't eat meat with bones either because I always feel the same way...like I am eating flesh or something (cause yanno boneless is just grown on trees).

PQ: Thanks, I will fix it up!

Jeff: Although I first scoffed at the pb and bacon idea, part of me thinks it might taste good....cause bacon tastes good, pork chops taste gooood.

FB: There are times when I am a serial eater...more at home than when I am out.

Foo: LOL, I soooo knew yours would be the most detailed. And you know I am with you on the plastic spoon thing. Metal spoons squiff me out when in really cold shit!

Elaine: You hate all green veggies and I hate almost ALL fruit!

Loon: How funny! THE ONLY sammich I will put lettuce on is a BLT and I am head over heels in love with BLT's btw. I especially like them at Johnny Rocket's!


I tried commenting last night, but got caught up in some internet loop from hell...

I love peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Heck, I don't even need the bread - I sometimes eat my bananas with pb spread on them.

If it has been a really hot and sweaty day, I like to drink dill pickle juice.

I love salt. I sometimes salt my beer.

I don't eat beef because I am paranoid about mad cow.

The only way I like ham if if the slices are fried. It's a texture thing.

My bacon needs to be crisp. If it's too limp, I will pick off the fat, and just eat the meaty parts.

I can't stand buffalo wings - skin and tendons and parts... yuk. I do like the sauce though - I'll dip the celery in the sauce on the plate.

I love most vegetables, but I cannot stand asparagus. I even try it about once every two years, just to make sure I don't like it.

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