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Tuesday, January 08, 2008


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ha! love that badge. so perfect for him. and yes, dustin is the shiznit. and he has a 'fro, yo. ;)


Oh Hilly Sue, our little Churro has done all grown up and won himself a Blogger of The Month Award! A perfect first choice, really... here's looking forward to meeting up again at TequilaCon 2008. Hopefully they have tater tots in Philly...


Was he kapgar's blog crush? I've gotta add him to my feed reader!

nice, 'fro, yo, comment sizzle ;)


LOL to Sizzle.

And how is it that I knew who your choice was before even scrolling down? Maybe because he was fresh in my mind thanks to Kevin sharing one of his recent posts.


1) I think this is a fun and fabulous new feature
2) You delight me
3) This is going to seriously build my blogroll!


Oh man, the accolades...it's like the time I was elected vice-president of my high school choir, only this time people don't laugh at me when I tell them!

Seriously though, Hilly you are far too kind. The badge is beyond perfect and I think I may have to convince Dave to somehow incorporate it into my TC'08 flare (maybe if I sleep with him again...).

Other than that, I'd just like to thank Jesus...not little baby Jesus, but crucified Jesus as shown in the picture above. I know his creepy blue eyes are smiling down from that candle on me today.

Mr. Fabulous

You? Say something awful? No!


Oh boy. You realize that the entire population of Seattle, including Sizzle, now needs to relocate because Dustin's head is that big, right?

JK, D!

Geeky Tai-Tai

Hilly, this is a great new feature to your blog. I've been reading Dustin for some time now, although I don't comment often. I just don't have the snark-factor going on. Anyway, this is a much-deserved award and very cool badge, BTW.


Will check these guys out, good more reading!


I know what you mean, about being able to jump in and enjoy reading a blog from almost the get-go. A few fun facts, and you're set! Kyra is that, for me. I hope everyone goes and reads her, and her snarky red-headed humor, every day. She really is amazing in recounting even daily trials.:-)

I have read Dustin before, and now that he has won this esteemed award? I shall have to swing by and give him another look-see!

Aunt Robin

Anyone who loves Tater Tots is okay in my book!

Nice award, Hilly! :)


@ Kevin: You just want them all to move to Chicago so they can be closer to you. Besides, my head only encompasses the western half of Seattle...it's still has a few neighborhoods on the Eastside left to consume. :)


cool. I'll have to check him out.


Great, another blog to read. Gosh I don't have enough of those.

Oh well if Hilly says it's OK then it has to be. Onward I go...


Just added him to my blogroll. Good stuff. Thanks, Hilly.

Atomic Bombshell

How cool. Dustin's blog is a nice find.


As directed I read the entire month. Fun! I added him to my RSS feeds.


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