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Monday, February 18, 2008


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Miss Britt

Oh my God Hilly I actually have tears in my eyes. Seriously. I was JUST sitting down to write a "poor fucking me I am really tired of carrying around all this doubt" post... and came here first.

Fucking A.

Thank you.

Jenny, Bloggess

I am always on the lookout for people whose layout does not annoy the shit out of me.

Wow. That was a really awkward sentence.

Jenny, Bloggess

I tried to go to her site but my firewall says she's blocked for "sexuality".



Britt: You are more than welcome AND you deserve it. I am glad that I posted this at what seems to be the right time :).

Jenny, Blogess: Haha, I loved that sentence though! Her site is blocked for me at work too so I get to soak her up at night ;).


OK, so I finally wandered over to Britt's blog and subscribed. Thanks for the incentive - been meaning to drop by her place for a long time.

Aimee Greeblemonkey

Very cool!


Excellent choice. She's definitely my favorite, too.


Never heard of her...


Britt rules. Just wait until you meet her in person... :-)


If you're lucky, she'll show you her boob. But only while I'm not around.


her boob? What does she have a uni-boob? maybe i should check that site out...


Karl: Glad you finally went! She'll make you think.

Aimee: Right?

RW and Avi: Wait, what? She shows her boobs too? No wonder I PPH her!

Dave: I know! I am jealous that you already have, sucka! ;)


Britt RAWKS!!

And y'all cracked me up playing trivia last night.


I too was a late convert to the deliciousness of Miss Britt - what a total star.


most excellent choice yet again!


I get it now...you only choose curly haired bloggers. Way to do your part for a minority that never gets any airtime. :)

P.S. I have a picture I think you'll like.


Turnbaby: I love the way you were like, "I hear two low voices and two screeching voices". Screeching = Britt and I. ;)

Bec: Right, I'd sing "Hey Baby, You're A Star" to her but noooot her fave Prince song, apparently ;).

Sizz: I know, how cool am I? ;)

Dustin: You caught me red handed, you did. So what's up with the picture tease? Send it over, Rover!


I just started reading Miss Britt this month as well and am loving her stuff. Totally deserving!

Iron Fist

Sweet, another blogger to add to my ever-growing list of reads!


I big time love your blogger-of-the-month fabulousness, especially because it gives me all new things to read! :)


Yay yay yay yay yay hurray on yet another great choice!!! Britt Rocks!


Dear Britt,

Will you make out with me please?


Ok FINE I'll add her to my feeds. (twist arm)

I've heard Britt's the shat, but I have no idea what that means.

Mr. Fabulous

What an awesome choice. I love her, Mrs. Fab loves her, everyone loves her. She completes me. I'd like to have her bronzed and prop her up next to our fireplace.


I'm so glad I got to read Miss Brit's blog before you named her as your Feb blogger of the Month -- cause I'm that cool. LOL

Britt's blog is brill. She's so funny -- totally deserving!


Blocked, blocked, blocked...damn work filters. Can't read 2HT Karl or Miss Britt - hmmm...what's really happening on their blogs? No worries, I'm catching and loving both from home! Great choice!

Geeky Tai-Tai

CK beat me to it, but I'm still gonna brag that I've "known" Miss Britt longer than you ;) Excellent choice!


I love Britt, too!

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