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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


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Iron Fist

Hmm...I don't believe I've ever heard of this 'Blogography' you speak of. I shall have to check it out! This Dave fellow certainly looks like a dashing young bloke.

(Oh yeah, awesome pick btw. Go Dave!!!)


Great pick! Dave/Blogography is a MUST READ. Gotta love em'


Kudos to the voting committee!
Reading Daves Blogography is a must.

Mr. Fabulous

It's Dave's world. We just live in it.


mmm. dave. hot. dave. hot. mmmmm.


great choice...


Well, color me surprised! I think Dave is supposed to be knighted shortly.


Props to Dave.


Dave IS hawt! And funny! And the graphics he does are the shit. I bow down to a superior everything. YUM! Congrats to Dave!


Most excellent choice! Dave is a fantastic blogger- entertaining, smart and thought-provoking- and a really, really great guy to boot.


Note to self...must visit Dave's blog now! Look forward to checking it out.


OMG! I so totally deserve this! I wish I could be humble here, but it is ME we're talking about, so how can I? It's all true... and everybody should be forced to read my blog at gunpoint! I kind of want to say "thank you"... but given my tremendous ego, I guess all I can really say is "what took you so long?" I mean, it's been DAYS since you've said how great I am. I look forward to being "Blogger of the Month" again next month. Until then...


LOLOL @ Dave's comment.

I love the badge--it's cool beans.


I have such a man-crush on Dave. The whole "no big deal, I did while eating pudding and watching television" is what gets me more than anything else. He's just such a talented graphic artist.

I work in a related field but I feel like I'd be superhuman if I had that kind of graphic artistic talent in another pocket. (Sadly, that pocket has nothing but lint.)

On top of that, Dave was everything I hoped for when I met him in person. Seriously, one of the nicest people I've ever met.


*Applauds* *Wolf Whistles* Ohhhh sorry, that was for Hilly, was I supposed to say something about Sir Dave2?
Great tribute Hilly! Ok, Ok, and yes, of course Sir Dave2 rocks ;o)


Alright. I will get there. Actually, at home, I have his page open waiting for me to get some time to myself to look it over and fall in love. I know who Dave is, I just don't know him, you know? ;)


Sigh... Dave's so cool. Ok, I'll stop gushing now.

I just realized my comments never made it on your blog last week. Sorry Doll-- I blame firefox - you know I love you right? Even more than I love Dave (believe it or not).


Vahid; Oh yeah, he's just this blogging guy...check him out if you get a chance or are desperate ;).

Glenda: He's on the Scholastic Blog Bus!

Göran Yes, the voting committee is truly awesome ;).

Fab: Oh and here I thought we all lived in *my* world!

Abs: You think Dave is hot? Wow, I am shocked!

Tori & John: He is the man.

Karl: Watch what you say...I don't want his hate-flamers coming here :).

Winter: Really...tell me how you feel ;).

Sizz: You should be one of those excerpts on the back of his book!

Rachel: You should totally check him out!

Dave: Crap, I knew there was something else I forgot to talk about...how HUMBLE you are. Damn it.

Turnbaby: Well thank you, sugar!

Ajooja: He really is good people and definitely does not disappoint in person.

Penelope: Ooooh, whistles for me? I feel so honored, yay!

Shelli: Well having his page open at home all day shows dedication to your cause, that's for sure!

CK: OMG, someone loves ME more then Dave! I feel witty and pretty and gayyyy!


I want to touch Dave's monkey. The bad one.


You STOP!!! LOL I LOVE the West Side Story. Ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaa.


Wait - did I miss Dave's birthday? Shit. When was it?

Now I feel horrible.


No no, his birthday is NEXT week!


Cute bunny... are there more pictures of the bunny? I'll go check it out.

Miss Britt

I'm doing a Go Daaave, Go Daave, Go Go Go Daaave dance.

It involves "stirring the pot", FYI.


he is so generous, you are right. i have the zombie tshirt and many dvd's to prove it, as I once won some wonderful gifts during a blogaversary.

Diane Mandy

I am on my way now. Thanks!


Dave was my very first blogfriend back in the day. I was so happy to find out he's even sweeter in person than on his blog. He's a genuinely good-hearted man, and I don't think he has a mean bone in his body.

Although I've heard he has one mean boner.

P.S. to Dave: I wear my lanyard every single day at work. I can still feel your vibes on it ...

Tracy Lynn

Deep love to the Davester, and my I say that my Davenumber? She is AWESOME.


Hiya Hilly! How could you have not picked Dave? He seems like a sincerely good guy, plus, he's cute!!!
I think a lot of wonderful people were born in March. ;)

hello haha narf

dave for president!!!

(i think anyone would be honored to have your adorable badge for their blog. don't sell yourself short!)


I feel exactly the same way about my bed. It is the only place that I am 100% safe.

It's funny about the mask thing because, today, I was just thinking about the "real" me. I was thinking that most of the people in my F2F life don't know the real me. They really don't. I don't let them in that close. But all of my friends (or bliends, ask I like to call them) on the Internet do know who I really am. I put it all out there on the line, after line, after line of my heart spilling all over the page. Why is that, do you think? I don't have an answer. But it makes my heart hurt when I think about it.

(p.s. I worry that I am repeating myself on my blog, too.)


"AS I like to call them", not "ask I like to call them".


Awesome choice! Dave rocks!

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