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Monday, April 14, 2008


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Iron Fist

And a rockin' good choice, if I do say so myself. Congratulations Karl!


Aw, you like me. You REALLY like me!


Congrats Karl. After Saturday's post, you were a shoe-in. Good thing you were wearing shoes.


I will second that Karl is a heckuva good guy. Even though we dont' know each other well, he actually was one of the people who made me realize I needed to end my relationship... and then offered to be my shoulder to cry on if necessary. I might have never said "thanks!" for that, so...

KARL, thank you for being such a good guy and such a great friend.


Ms Batman

I couldn't think of a more deserving blogger. I have recently found Karl's blog, and love it. He never fails to make me laugh. Thanks in large part to Karl's Why I can not stand your blog 2008 edition, my blog has undergone some changes as of late. I've never worked so hard to impress someone I barely know. Not even my husband on our first date. Of course, he's my ex husband now.

Anyway..congratulations Karl!


Great choice, Hilly! Especially considering that, um, post from the other day.

Marty Mankins

Wow.. Karl beat out all of those other bloggers on your blogroll. Must have been that pic he had with the bottle, which was placed rather cleverly in front of his tent maker.

Seriously, in the two weeks I've been reading Karl's blog, he's got some good words, funny phrases and well told stories that I enjoy.

What does Karl win, besides the banner for his site?

Sybil Law

I agree 100%. I just visited Karl's blog (via Avitable), and it was sheer perfection. The man is hilarious!
This blog's pretty sweet, too. :)


Yay for Karl! I woulda voted for him too. The Phallus picture eclipsed all competition. Which is as it should be. Congrats Karl!


Hey! You forgot to mention that Karl has a BlogTalk Radio show too! He's an all-around entertainer, that Karl...

Mr. Fabulous

Karl is the man that my mother always hoped that I would be.


YAY!! Congrats to Karl!!

I'm still chuckling


Yah Hilly for picking Karl! Everyone should be reading Karl. I wish the archives were fixed... people need to see the birthday dares. I hope that my 40th is even half as exciting.

radioactive girl tori

I love your choice. Karl is awesome! That post the other day took me by surprise and when I gasped out loud, my kids all ran over to see what I was looking at. I clicked away just in time, but I will never forget that!


OOOO Now I can't WAIT to meet him at TC. I used to read him, and for some reason stopped. Then started again. I PPH that man!


Attention ladies: I would like to warn you all about throwing your panties at Karl. I tossed him my favorite snakeskin-print ones, and he upholstered his car seats with them. I don't think he even bothered to wash them first, the skeevy bastard.


What about his video post? That was genius, too.


I can't pull his archives or that would have been included. There would have been a LOT more included if his site actually worked. *cough*


I think "April's Fool" is about the most a propos description I've heard for Karl yet! Congrats, Karl!


I was wondering when you'll be handing the award over to Karl... he's so his own blogger - totally well-deserved.


Luv Luv Luv Karl, but you already knew that. I am STILL choking up from laughter on the Phallus post! LOL

Miss Britt

Oh. It's the new DESIGN he's pushing.

Well, that explains a lot....


OMG! How did I ever miss the Hoobastank post? Brilliant...

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