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Sunday, April 27, 2008


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I'm surprised that Blog Talk Radio moderators haven't hunted you down yet...

Good show. :-)

Marty Mankins

Yes, I heard most of it and while it was NSFW, today was Sunday... so therefore, no need to worry about work.... I listened at home.

It was a good show. And until BTR kicks you "off the air", keep it coming...


The Gargantu-cock rather scares me.


But, scary, all the same.

hello haha narf

dear lord, did you have to put the link to othurme's puzzle of me up there?


I honestly don't know what you are talking about. *I* was a perfect gentleman.


@hellohahanarf It's nothing we all haven't seen, it's just all arranged more appropriately.


Jester is a master at this BTR thing. I laughed so hard all the way to the end at that Super Size show. You certainly got the ball rolling on a great night, Hilly!


It was awesome last night!

It made me hate missing TC even more. Oh well y'all must drunk dial us!

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