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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


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I like the man, too. After all, he made me feel good when he said, "You're the Shelli everyone has told me I should meet." Several times. Gotta love a man who flatters you.



I watched his American Idol video and could not stop giggling at him.


Shelli: I too like the man...very much.

Poppy: Right? I watched it for about the 15th time when making this post and still died laughing.


Seriously, it deserves to be favorited. He is a very funny man. His comedic timing is *perfect*.


I don't know... the guy sure seems nice, but for a guy with an incredibly large penis he seems a bit timid...


I think this is well deserved. Shiny is truly a gem!


Yay! A new blogger I've never heard of. I love the background on his site. On to the reading...


I'm going to go and check him out. He sounds like a great guy!

Miss Britt

Why are you not wanting to surround me with hot guys? I am totally cool with that.


He's my favorite Korean.


Definately have to check him out!


I still can't encounter "that's what she said" and NOT think of Michael Scott's deposition...

Mr. Fabulous

Whose dick do I have to suck to get to be Blogger of the Month?

Unless you are waiting to make me Blogger of the Year...


Poppy: It's a classic! He's a funny man :).

Shiny: While I love the deflection, I think we'll need proof of the large penis.

Winter: He's like a hidden treasure, right?

Kim and Selma: Yes, check him out and keep reading. He's like a box of chocolates or something equally cheesy....

Britt: Well if you're not worried about your rep, then I certainly am not ;).

Avi: NORTH Korean to you, buster!

Sue: Yes you must, dahlink!

Whall: It's funny because before I got to know Shiny and the barrage of "that's what she saids" that come out of his mouth, I was the same way. Now I just think "Shiny".

Fab: So far you have to suck Dustin's, Dave's, Karl's, Britt's and Shiny's. Then mine. You have to be Blogger of the Month to get Blogger of the Year so get to the sucking!


Shiny! Yeah!


AWESOME!! This is making me SMILE!!


I don't think I ever bookmarked a blog so fast as when I discovered Mr. Shiny. And I owe it all to... shudder... JESTER! Being indebted to Jester is just one of many positions that I am not comfortable in at this point in my life.


I think if someone had bet me a million dollars last week that Shiny would win this accolade, I would be a multiple-millionaire today.


@Dave2 I'll show you a position you might not be comfortable with...


Finn: w00t!

TB: Hey, it makes me smile too!

Dave: Yes on Shiny, and "that's what Karl said" on the other thing. You are so Jester's bitch now ;).

Jester: Unless you bet against me, of course. And that flirting with Dave thing? Keep doing it. It amuses me!


Ooo... new and shi... no I just can't do the bad pun but am heading over now!


All: Thank you for all of the overwhelmingly nice comments about me. Although only about 48% of them are factual, I'm just... fortunate that I've got so many friends out there. And I thank you.

And a special thanks to Hilly for bestowing this honor upon me. You are one sick, sick individual who will rot in hell mercilessly until the end of days a wonderful friend whom I look up to in all matters blogging. I'm truly proud to be a part of your snacktastic world. :)


Bec: Hahaha, shiny things! Oooh look, distraction!

Shiny: You are welcome! By the way, I collect dues at the end of each month....

Black Belt Mama

Yeah for Shiny! Have to check out those favorite posts!

Mr. Fabulous

I think I have already sucked Karl's dick. I was pretty drunk though...


Couldn't have picked a better BOTM. Except for me, of course, but I got it last month, so I'm all about spreading the love. So to speak.

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