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Friday, May 30, 2008


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Gee... if you are in Chicago August 9th, you can go to Davecago! :-)


YAY! I lost, but I won! How tremendously COOL is that? Many congrats to Tori! And to John too of course. And many, many congrats to YOU for saying the stuff we all can't wait to comment on. MUAH! You da Queen, babee!


ummm... you meant ME... right? no? dammit!


Well, I'm going to comment 1,000 times per day so I can be the first to 30,000th.

Look. I TOLD you how to delete comments. I TOLD you how to photoshop blog portal dashboards. I TOLD you Austin was cool. Why you gotta go screw it up?


Woah I bet you're glad I didn't win!! That would be quite some trip heh!
Congrats winners!!! I'm v jealous of a trip to Chicago - but it's on my list!!
Mwaahhh Hilly - here's to another 15,000 :o)


Schweet! So I may finally get to meet you in Chi-town? :)


Woo hoo! And you even like the name! For anyone wondering, no, that's not a description of Hilly's demeanor. We all know better. It's CHI + HILLY and taking into consideration the possibility that it may not happen until fall when it tends to cool down around here. It was a multifold process I incorporated when making up that name. Oh who am I kidding? I pulled it out of my ass. ;-)


I was so close. You will just have to come to Seattle too. You know you love it here.. we have cupcakes and lots of coffee!


Awesome - I love "Chilly"!


OMG THAT's the prize????

I bet yer happy I didn't win, lol!!!


How awesome is this?!?! I am very excited!!!! And with my stupid Rocket Queen comment too. I say John should plan a trip and come hang with all of us. That would be a great prize for him...um or for us? Whatever. That should be his prize. We should beg him to come hang out with us as his prize. And since I won, I get to choose, right. No? That stinks! I can't wait. Seriously! I have been dying to meet you since I first "met" you. You are awesome!


Is it me or is it getting really sticky around here? ;) I know, that's what Karl said.

Great prize, btw. Now I wish I'd won!


How fun! "Chilly" - that's a great name for it. Heh. There are so many great Chicago bloggers!


Congrats to Tori. You won't be disappointed.


That is one sweet prize! Congrats to the winners :)


WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW. First, congratulations to Tori! : )

Wait! Hold On. You mean you wouldn't fly all the way to Virginialand just to see me? Well you know what? I may be coming back to Cali in the Fall, in which case I will come to see YOU! That will be my prize. If Dave wants to do an illustration of me and make me look like Iron Man, that would be good too.

Thanks honey bunny!


P.S. - of COURSE, I would LOVE a video post too! : )

I'm planning my first one (video post) for my 1 Blogiversary...in about 30 days. : )


Davey-Joe:Yes well then it will be ALL about YOU, not me. I wanna talk about me, me me! Ahem. (Actually, I am busy then and have to go to Chicago in the fall).

Winter: I swear, my blog is the only place where you can lose and win at the same time. Wait...hrm. ;)

Tori: Actually, at first her tiara just said "Tori" but I thought of you and decided that would just be the suck if you went straight to the picture first!

Whall: I know, I know...I could do all of those things but then I'd be a liar! And you know what Kirk Cameron says about liars ;).

Penelope: As much as I would love love love to come visit you, phew..that WOULD have been a trek!

Kim: You know it, baby! You bettah be there!

Kapgar: It was a good ass-pull though! I was going to email you back and tell you that I loved it but uh, I flaked when LOST came on ;).

Kim: Dude, I am coming to Seattle close to the holidays hopefully! This time, you are meeting me dammit ;).

Avitable: It's so awesome cause it is the opposite of what I normally am...."in heat".

Dutchy: Same thing goes for you as Penelope! I would love to visit but it would have taken me forever to get there :).

Tori: Yayayay! I am glad you are excited cause I *am* sort of forcing my way into your presence here :). Thanks for winning so I get to finally meet you.

Finn: Now I am singing Def Leppard, so thanks for *that*. ;)

Sizzle: I know, right? It's like I am getting lots of bang for my buck (TWKS).

Karl: Dude. Don't set her up for epic disappointment ;).

Suze: Thanks and yay!

John: Well since I can't force Dave to toon you up as a reward for MY contest, I can offer to draw stick-figure you ;). Seriously though, I will do the video post and we shall party together when you are here!


This is true.


SHIT. I've got to stop being such a bloglines lurker. :) xoxoxoxo


15,000 comments. Wow. That's a milestone.

And congrats to Tori, John and Winter. I'm going to have to sharpen my comments out here to be in the running for the next giveaway.

Shamelessly Sassy

damn it. I hate when I miss contests. Even when I didn't enter them, I'm all, 'SHIT! I didn't win." Yeah..


Something told me that I had commented too early on that post. Then again, you are already coming to visit my area soon so I guess it really should go to someone else.

hello haha narf

son of a bitch! i wanted to win hilly!
*stomps foot and grumbles a congrats to tori*

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