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Wednesday, June 04, 2008


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Jenny has what is quite possibly my most favorite entry on any blog ever...
Death of a PacMan: A Play in Five Acts.

But I could say that about most of the things she writes. :-)


Oooh, Davey-Joe....thanks for that link! I was so overwhelmed with awesomeness that I didn't see that entry!


Death of a PacMan was the first Run Jen Run post I ever read. And it was brilliant... Good choice!


I swear there is a conspiracy. Jenny was in my feed reader, now I notice that she is not. This has happened for several blogs I love to read. Effers.

I totally put my index finger up to the screen. "Ouch."

Miss Britt

Jen has that "so cool it's almost intimidating" vibe about her.

Iron Fist

Yay Jenny! And yeah, it is about time! She's so awesome.


She's damn deserving. A real party to be around. Plus that hair that defies logic. It's pure magic.


HILLY! No way! I won Blogger of the Month? You are so awesomely sweet, or sweetly awesome, or just swawesome. Awesweet? Thanks so much! And I take full responsibility for making you drink like a fish at TequilaCon... but how do you explain all those other times? ;)

Thanks, babe!


Yeah, blame Jenny for your drinking habits. How do you explain the other 363 days of the year, though?


Her mom is really cool too. I met her at TQ.

Wait, I forgot. Turns out she was the mother to a different Jen. The Jen who was the bride in the wedding party I accidentally crashed.

I'm sure Jen's mom is really nice though. Like daughter like mom.


Suze: Right? She's the hotness!

Poppy: The evil people in the world plot to make us forget the cool people. Je ne like that pas. (totally stealing from your awesome twat).

Britt: Whenever she starts to intimidate me, I just swig another jigger of booze and all is well ;).

Vahid: The heck, you say! You think Jenny is awesome? Nuh uhhhh ;).

Mocha: Hey you! I covet her hair. In fact, I weep a little each night because it isn't mine.

JENNY!: You are so welcome and you deserve it because YOU are the bees knees! And I think you have a hold over me. Yep, that would explain those other times.

K-Fed: As I told you earlier, I've not had a drink in five days. Now if you'll excuse me, it's time for another nice detoxifying barf session.

Delmer: Ha, how did I *not* hear about that story?


Congrats to Jenny for coming out on top this month. Nice. And of course being the organizer of TequilaCon (hint: Vegas '09)


Never, in the history of Blogger Awards, has an award been more richly deserved! Should have known you'd be the one to figure it out and make it happen, because you're awesome like that, Hilly!

Damn geography for making bloggers live so far apart that TequilaCon happens only once a year.


"She's like one of them newfangled TVs or something."

If that's not a glowing recommendation, I don't know what is!



Congrats to Jenny, whom I now have to add to my feed reader thanks to all these glowing recommendations.


Congrats to Jenny and I've got to go over and read her now... excuse me... ;)

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