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Friday, June 06, 2008


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Miss Britt

OK, I'm sorry.

I can't get past "what do you love" is a picture of fingers. He he he he he he.

I guess it could have been a DD.


Britt: Haha, written on the hand are words like "friend", "love", "peace" in many languages :).


First you steal my tiara... now you're stealing my man-crush Ryan Reynolds... what will you be taking from me next??


Gotta luv the fingah at the end!

Tori Blaine

we had a lot of the same answers but picked different pictures... very cool!


Yes, come to the Dark Side. We have memes!


Maybe if I save mine for two weeks and post it, we can start this stealing business all over again.... LOL


Ooh, that's fun!


I loved this! I also totally stole it heh! It does take a while to do though huh? So much for memes being quick fillers - they take longer than my usual waffle!
God I'm craving french toast now!!


I keep saying that Katie will fight you for Ryan Reynolds. She's a scrapper.


Dave: Don't MAKE me pull out that radio show archive where you say, "See Hilly says Ryan Reynolds and I have to agree"...blah blah blah. Pfft, steal.

Winter: Is it sad that my signature move is the middle finger? Oy!

Tori: It's awesome that we chose different pics that way.

Karl: Don't get to used to it, buddy...you know how I feel about memes!

Marty: Haha, you know..I actually saw someone get the "thinking blogger" award for the first time last month and thought. "wow that is STILL around?".

Sandra: Word.

Penelope: I always think that a meme will be easy, but since I usually only pick the ones with pictures, not so much. Mmmm, French Toast!

Kevin: Apparently I'll be fighting both Katie AND Dave!

Black Belt Mama

I was going to do one of those and I got so frustrated because a bunch of them were whited-out. GRR.


I loved this meme. It was fun. But it was a LOT of work.

What will your new URL be? Did I miss that piece of information somewhere? Will it just be http://snackiepoo.com?


Yeah, the Ryan Reynolds things was SUCH a surprise! ;)


Shelli: My URL will be the same!

BBM: Oh see that sucks...had I got to the end and had that happened, I would have just quit too!

Adena: Bwahahaha and touche!


Ha! I *also* stole this from Karl.
And I'm laughing 'cause it appears that you, Karl, and I LOVE Tiramisu!!! Good Stuff!


Natur Line Sex

I got excited by the title.
Don’t I know how you feel!!
God I'm craving french toast now!!


It's not sad at all, Hilly! It's a succinct statement. Totally fits the "less is more" adage.


Maybe this is because I don't have tv . . . who the hell is Ryan Reynolds?


Mmmmmm Ryan Reynolds......nice choice. :)


Had trouble getting past Ryan Reynolds... but I love this meme so much I am stealing it from you as well

Mr. Fabulous

Your quoting from my favorite Buffy episode ever has increased my love for you by 11.4 percent.

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