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Thursday, June 05, 2008


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Heh, I knew exactly what you were talking about the first two syllables in. Let me know if you need any help.


You won't be disappointed!

Though if you can figure out a compatible stat tracker, enlighten me. Ever since I upgraded, I can't seem to get any stats except the ones included in WP. It's driving me nuts!


... and don't forget to give me back my black t-shirt!


I got nothing intelligent to say, so I'll just say: *giggle*



I know you're easily distracted...

But, I totally knew you were talking about an inanimate object about 2 sentences in.

I thought maybe it was your vibrator, or something. :)

Miss Britt

Yeah, I knew at "cute".


So who is giving you a ride?


Welcome to the world of WordPress, Hilly. It's a great place with few quirks, but lots of options.


Welcome to WordPress! ;)


Hooray for bigger and better tools!!
Good luck with the switch - I haven't a clue about any of this so I don't know if you need luck or not, I'm saying it anyway ;o)


Welcome to the world of Wordpress. So far I've been loving it here...


Oh Hilly, you cracked me up bigtime with this post. Good luck w/ Wordpress.


I hope you find everlasting fulfillment with your bigger, better tool. ; )

Karen Sugarpants

When you said cute and reliable, I totally thought you meant me. Ha ha...kidding.
If you need help, just HOLLA!


Lol. I was trying to figure out who you were talking about :)

Does this mean we will get to see a new site design? FUN FUN! :)


Thank you Buhbaybee Jeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzuuuuuussssssss!!!

Now maybe I can get comment replies via e-mail on the same day they are made as opposed to in the feedreader two days later!!!


Good luck with the switch. I'm thinking about it but I am afraid... very afraid. If I decide to buy a domaine, I may do it then.


HYSTERICAL. I totally wanted to print that out and give it to my ex. :)


Damn, I was beat to the black t-shirt.


Phew. I was so afraid you were giving up blogging entirely!!


Welcome to WP! I've struggled with WP but that's because I tried to figure out how to make my own freaking theme. My issues were my own fault, but I love it now. Don't forget to get Woopra for your stats. It's beyond awesome although I haven't figured out a few things with it yet. (Only had it 1 day tho so far. HEH)Gimme a yell if you have any q's!


About fucking time. Can't believe you pay Typepad almost $15 a month!


Congrats! If you need any help, let me know. Although Dave is probably better at it than I am. :-)


I also offer my humble assistance. I do WP hacking here and there. I can also host it for you if you wish.

I like how you referred to it as a tool.


Okay another word I have that describes you ...
CREATIVE! :) Your writing is great Hil, but you already knew that! Great dump letter :)


'Song For The Dumped' would be an awesome band name. No?


Well, that just scared the living crap right outta me!

Sometimes I hate the fact that you write so well. You hooked me, pulled me in, then threw me back!

I had NO clue what you were talking about, but I did have an audible gasp in the beginning. Tears were beginning to well up in the corner of my eye ...



Holy Fuck. I have a post similar to this in my drafts. However, mine is serious. lol

Glad you are coming to the dark side. Let me know if you need any help. There are plenty of us out here to ease you into the move.

Dickie Maxx

I know you have jester working on the case but if you ever need any wordpress assistance I'm there for you. I'm sure with Jester on the job though you won't need it. Jester is one of the best WordPress guys around.


I'm so out of the loop....I don't even know typepad/wordpress stuff. Pathetic huh? Maybe when I have more free time I'll get into all the computer lingo. ha. Have a great week.


Wow, you're brave moving on after all this time. Good luck with that! Will you be changing your look too or just your service?

Iron Fist

Welcome aboard! I'll be dinking around with my site this weekend (upgrades and new plug-ins) so I'll be in that WordPress frame of mind. Sounds like you might already have someone to be your WordPress daddy but hey, two is better than one, right?

Iron Fist

Welcome aboard! I'll be dinking around with my site this weekend (upgrades and new plug-ins) so I'll be in that WordPress frame of mind. Sounds like you might already have someone to be your WordPress daddy but hey, two is better than one, right?

Mr. Fabulous

I have waiting out this relationship for a long time!


oh, it's spring and new love is in the air. just think about all the great things you can do with that $14.95!


Welcome to the dark side!! :) I had to restrain myself from jumping to the end to see what it was that you were dumping, although I knew it must be like a vibrator or something silly like that.

Are you hosting WP yourself or using their host? If you need help I know a little. :)


Good Luck Chica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



You're leaving me?

Now I'm sad.

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